Gensler’s productivity calculator, Gensler Calc, is an application designed to quantify the return on investment gained by improving the work environment. G6 holds 150 people (a 36% increase in density compared to other floors) without mobility strategies and an unprecedented number of collaborative and free address spaces. Gensler Calc estimates that the initial construction cost of G6 will return within 2.5 years, at a human capital benefit of approximately 1 million dollars per year. This figure assumes an increase in productivity of 7% (from before occupancy), a reduction in turnover from 6% to 5%, an increase in effectiveness of 1 hour per week (per user over current effectiveness), and a reduction in additional sick days from 2 to 1.5 on average. 

Download Gensler Calc for free from the iTunes Store (iPad only) and discover the real value of people.

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